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X-Ray and Ultrasound Services at
Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care

At Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care, we believe in using the most reliable tools available to ensure that your pet gets the best possible care. That's why it's important to get a closer look at what's going on inside your pet using x-rays or ultrasound. Our Warrenton veterinarians have the expertise and the technology for an accurate on-site diagnosis your pet needs. Our team is dedicated to providing pets in Warrenton, Amissville, Culpeper, and surrounding areas quality veterinary care when they need it most.


Animal Clinic X-Rays 

Our machines are smaller than those used for humans and use a very low level of radiation to minimize any potential danger to the animal but still heed optimal results. By having X-ray technology on-site, we get immediate, high-quality images that allow our veterinarians to identify foreign objects, bone fractures, or various possible lung or heart problems. The faster a serious problem can be accurately identified, the more quickly and effectively it can be treated.  

Pet Ultrasounds 

While X-rays are usually great at providing accurate pictures of bones, foreign objects, and major organs, ultrasounds often do a better job with images of soft tissues and the details of your pet's internal functions.  


Our technology is very similar to an ultrasound used on humans. A small probe is held against the skin. It's not hot or sharp, and it slides around easily. There's no pain or discomfort involved, and it is a noninvasive procedure. Your pet usually doesn't need to be sedated, making this one of the least invasive ways to gather the information that will help guide our treatment plan for your pet.   

The probe emits sound waves and measures the echoes, which bounce back, then translates those results into a 2-D or 3-D image of what's going on inside. Our veterinarians in Warrenton can often examine these images for indications of heart disease, enlarged or damaged organs, tumors, some cancers, restricted blood flow. We often use ultrasound to evaluate whether your pet is pregnant.   

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Whether you need your pet examined right away, or you can schedule the exam in advance, our team here at Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care is here for you and your animal. With our x-ray and ultrasound equipment, we can provide the most accurate diagnosis to ensure we know what's going on with your pet. From there, we can determine what the best course of action is. Contact us today to learn more about how our dedicated staff can help your animal live a happy and healthy life. 

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