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At Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care, our doctors and staff are highly trained, compassionate and kind. We recognize that each of our patients are beloved members of your family and work with our clients to provide the best medical care possible for their animal companions. We strive to address the needs of your beloved pet to develop a medical care plan that is specifically tailored to the needs of your pet. We are proud to offer a wide variety of in-house services ranging frompreventive wellness programs to complex surgical procedures using our anesthesia precautions.

Our Examination and Consultation Rooms are equipped with specially designed examination tables to make the visit easier on your pet. Our rooms feature a retractable table that disappears for table-phobic or giant breed patients.

Using advanced diagnostic equipment, our specially trained medical team can rapidly asses the health status of your pet. Our laboratory facilities reduce critical waiting time for sick pets, allowing us to treat them more quickly and appropriately.

Our human-quality dental instruments, electronic IV pump, ultrasonic instrument cleaner, steam autoclave, rapid-response crash cart, digital x-ray and multi-function treatment tables are just the visible parts of our well equipped treatment area. Our patients are able to be closely monitored as they rest right in the treatment room on their blankets in sanitary stainless steel cages.

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Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care is a family-centered veterinary healthcare team dedicated to delivering excellence with compassion. Our mission is to:

  • Advocate a high standard of care for each patient.
  • Provide proactive, personalized customer service.
  • Educate and comfort our patient’s families.
  • Maintain a pleasing and sanitary environment.
  • Constantly expand our knowledge and improve our skills.

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