Every pet owner wants their four-legged companions to live long and healthy lives. One way to ensure that happens is through pet vaccinations. At Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care in Amissville, we understand the importance of preventative care. That is why we offer a comprehensive vaccination program to keep your pets happy and healthy for years to come. If you live in Amissville, Culpeper, Warrenton, or the surrounding areas, contact our team at Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care today to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Let’s take a look at why vaccinations are so important and how they keep your pets safe.


Vaccinations Are Important

Most animals are born with weak immune systems, making it easy to contract diseases. That is why pets need to be vaccinated early and often. Vaccines trigger a pet's immune system to create antibodies to fight diseases. In most cases, immunization prevents these pets from contracting diseases. If they do contract a disease, their immune system provides some protection causing the symptoms to be weaker.

Maintaining a high level of immunity requires annual boosters. The exact immunization schedule depends on the pet's age and lifestyle. Our veterinarians will answer any of your questions and discuss the best vaccination schedule for your pet.

Needed Immunizations

Every dog or cat should receive their core vaccinations. For dogs, these include shots for rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and adenovirus. For cats, the core vaccines include inoculations for rabies, feline distemper, feline herpesvirus, and calicivirus. Non-core vaccines are available for Lyme disease, leukemia, leptospirosis, and canine influenza. Be sure to discuss your pet's lifestyle with our veterinarians to ensure the right vaccination schedule for your pet.

Other Preventative Care

Preventing diseases spread by fleas, ticks, and parasites does not require immunization. Some parasites, such as heartworm, can be prevented by taking monthly medication. Fleas and ticks can be prevented in various ways, including flea and tick collars, topical ointments, or tablets. Given the number of flea and tick prevention methods, you may want to discuss the best option for your pet with one of our veterinarians.

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