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Pet vaccines are some of the most essential tools to help protect your pet against deadly diseases. Without the proper vaccines, your pet might suffer from a wide range of conditions that could be easily prevented, such as parvovirus and rabies. Fortunately, pet vaccines are now standard at every veterinarian's office. However, it's up to you to take your pets in for their exams and get them the help they need from a veterinarian. A trained veterinarian can help provide the best treatment for your pet's health, including pet vaccines, preventative care, and more!

At Clevengers Corner Vet Care, we're proud to help the community of Warrenton, VA, and the surrounding areas get the best pet care around! We want to help our pet owners now they're doing everything possible to protect their furry family friends, and there's no better way to do so than with the help of pet vaccines.


What Are Pet Vaccines?

Just like humans, pets benefit from vaccines that are designed to prevent diseases from negatively impacting their health. There are several diseases that can be prevented by vaccines, which include parvovirus, distemper in cats and dogs, rabies, herpes, and others.

These diseases can quickly turn deadly and can be difficult to treat once they infect your pet. Vaccines help your pet build up antibodies against these diseases, so they can stay protected from them.

Do Pet Vaccines Hurt?

Vaccines are injected using a small needle and do not hurt your pet. In fact, your pet might not feel the needle at all, and recovery is almost instant. However, some animals might be sensitive or affected to ingredients in a vaccine. If this is the case, your veterinarian will monitor your pet for signs of distress. 

How Else Can a Veterinarian Help My Pet?

Vaccines are administered to pets at certain ages. For instance, some vaccines, known as core vaccines, are given to your pet before they turn 18 weeks old. Other vaccines require subsequent booster shots to maintain their potency.

Our veterinarian will remind you of when your pet's vaccines are overdue and help administer them to your pets to keep them healthy.

Keep Your Pets Healthy with Help from Our Veterinarian at Clevengers Corner Vet Care

At Clevengers Corner Vet Care, we're dedicated to the health and safety of all pets, big or small! That's why we offer care through pet vaccines, preventative care, and help from a trained veterinarian. Call us today to see how we can help your pet stay healthy and protected with vaccines. Make your appointment at our clinic in Warrenton today! 


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