Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care has a team of expert surgeons to care for your pet through the surgical process. Visit this page or call to learn more.

Everything we do at Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care is directed toward happier, longer lives for family pets. At the same time, we never cut corners when it comes to safe anesthesia or sterile surgery. All surgery packages include all of the aspects of our anesthesia and sterile surgical practices described in the Surgery Checklist and information sheets. Not every veterinary practice is the same when it comes to surgical and anesthetic precautions. We maintain a sterile operating room used exclusively for surgical procedures. We have a hepa-filter ensuring that ultra pure air is being circulated in the surgery room making it a more sterile environment. LED lights are used for brighter and more efficient lighting during surgical procedures.  Every surgery is performed with cap, mask, sterile gown, and surgical gloves. We maintain high standards of sterility and safety for the benefit of our patients. We also believe strongly in preventing and treating any pain that might occur.

Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care provides the most advanced surgical and anesthetic care available in the region. Our doctors are proficient in many soft tissue surgical procedures. For more complex cases and orthopedic procedures, CCVC provides on-site access to a board-certified veterinary surgeon. Dr. Tibor Lazar, a Board Certified Surgeon who travels from Northern Virginia performs orthopedic procedures and complex specialty level surgeries in the CCVC operating room while your pet’s regular veterinarian oversees anesthesia, recovery, and post-operative care.

Since spaying and neutering pets reduces preventable disease and suffering, we are committed to making the procedures as affordable as possible. For most pets, a spay or neuter is the only major surgery they will ever experience. These important procedures should never be taken lightly. We never cut corners when it comes to safe anesthesia or sterile surgery. However, our fees remain competitive for these important procedures. It is our way of rewarding you for seeking the best quality care for your pet. During the procedure, a certified veterinary technician will monitor your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiration and oxygenation levels using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the anesthesia is as safe and routine as possible. Our care does not end after surgery. Once your pet has woken up from their procedure, we will provide you with a post-operative pain management plan and discharge instructions that will help make your pet’s recovery as smooth as possible. We will also call the next day to make sure your companion is recovering well after surgery and to answer any questions you may have. Please contact our office for more information or to schedule a pre-surgical consultation appointment.