Emergency Vet Care

Emergency Vet Care for Pets at Clevengers Corner Vet Care

Pet emergencies can happen at any time due to sudden illness or an accident. That's why it's crucial to have an animal hospital ready to help your pet by providing state-of-the-art equipment and the knowledge needed for appropriate care. Our veterinarians can provide immediate care for your animal to reduce pain and prevent a condition from worsening. At Clevengers Corner Vet Care in Warrenton, VA, we are here to help when pets need quality emergency care.

Emergency Vet Care

How to Recognize A Veterinary Emergency

Obvious signs of your pet needing emergency treatment are severe bleeding or open wounds. Breathing problems are always an emergency. Collapse, unconsciousness, or seizures are indications that your pet should be seen immediately by our vets. Frequent vomiting or diarrhea can cause dehydration and can turn into an emergency situation. If your pet is yelping or seems in pain, get him or her to our animal hospital immediately. Eye injuries and severe allergic reactions also warrant emergency vet care.

What Kind of Care Is Available for Emergency Health Problems?

We provide various procedures and equipment for animals in emergency situations. Oxygen can be provided to ease breathing. Your pet may require stomach pumping if a poison has been ingested. Animals with heatstroke may require a cooling blanket or other measures. Surgery may be required for wounds or complex fractures. Our vets can ensure your pet is properly treated through thorough examinations and diagnostic testing.

What Happens During an Emergency Vet Visit?

If your pet needs emergency care, it's always best to call ahead to tell us you and your animal are coming. When you arrive, your pet will be brought into the exam room for a thorough assessment. Any necessary immediate care will be provided right away. Our veterinarians will ask questions about the circumstances of the emergency.

Testing will be provided to understand the extent of the health problem fully. Once an accurate diagnosis is made, our veterinarians will discuss options for further treatment and care. If necessary, your pet will stay at our animal hospital for the night. Ongoing care and monitoring will be provided. After the situation is handled, our vets will provide home-care instructions or refer you for more specialized treatment if necessary.

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Our veterinarians and professional staff at Clevengers Corner Vet Care use their many years of experience caring for animals to help pets in Warrenton and surrounding areas enjoy optimal health at any stage of their lives. We offer vaccinations, dental care, parasite prevention, surgery, diagnostics, critical care, pharmacy services, and more. Contact Clevengers Corner Vet Care today at 540-428-1000 for an appointment to have your pet examined or to learn more about how we can help in emergency circumstances. 

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