The Importance of Routine Pet Wellness Exams

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The Importance of Routine Pet Wellness Exams

You know how important check-ups are for your human children. Wellness exams are equally important for your furry friends as well, especially since they cannot tell you when something is wrong. A pet wellness exam should never be skipped. If you live in or around Amissville or Warrenton and it has been a while since your dog or cat has been to a veterinarian’s office, it is time to schedule a checkup! Our veterinarians at Clevengers Corner Vet Care would like to look at the reasons why an annual checkup for your pet is so important.

Hitting Milestones

Regular checkups for baby animals help your veterinarian know if your pet is growing normally. If your pet is underweight or smaller than a pet of a similar age, then this is a warning sign that your pet may have a serious medical condition causing stunted growth.

Your Veterinarian is a Valuable Resource

A pet wellness exam is a great time to ask your vet all of the questions you have about your pet’s welfare. You have your vet’s full attention, so you might as well take advantage of it. Write down the questions you have and bring them with for your pet’s checkup.

Veterinarians Continue Their Education

Veterinarians have to take continuing education classes regularly to keep their licenses. We can learn about the latest findings in diagnostics, nutrition, senior pet care, and other issues that affect pets. An annual pet exam is a way to learn the latest from your vet about how to best care for your pet.

Pets Often Hide Their Symptoms

Animals instinctively act normally when they are not feeling well. This is because, in the wild, any sign of illness was a flashing neon sign to passing predators that your sick pet was an easy meal. By the time pets start showing signs of illness, they may be too far gone to treat. Many tests like blood work, listening to the heart, or examining the stool can help us discover diseases or parasites in the early stages when they are easy (and relatively inexpensive) to treat.

Book Your Pet’s Wellness Exam at Clevengers Corner Vet Care

If you have questions about the benefits of annual wellness exams for your pet and live in the Amissville or Warrenton areas, contact Clevengers Corner Vet Care to speak with one of our veterinarians. Call our team today at 540-428-1000 to schedule an appointment.

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