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Pet Vaccinations FAQs

Pet vaccinations are an easy way to make sure your pet is protected from common contagious diseases, like distemper. Rabies vaccines are required by law for all dogs and cats over three months old in Virginia. Many other parts of the country have similar laws. Our veterinarians at Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care provide a variety of pet vaccinations for pets in and around Amissville and Warrenton. Let’s take a look at some of the questions that we run into regarding vaccinations.

What Are the Different Types of Vaccinations?

The two main types of dog vaccinations and cat vaccinations are called core vaccines and non-core vaccines. Core vaccines, including rabies, protect pets from the most common diseases. Non-core vaccines are those that are sometimes necessary depending on your pet’s lifestyle and where you live.

What Are Core Vaccines?

The core dog vaccinations are rabies, canine distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus types 1 and 2, and Bordetella. The core cat vaccinations are rabies, feline distemper, feline herpesvirus, and calicivirus. Except for rabies, the core vaccines that are given by your veterinarian are often given as combination shots but can be given one at a time.

When Should My Pet Start Getting Vaccines?

Puppy and kitten vaccines should start when they are six to eight weeks old. They need boosters every couple of weeks until they are about sixteen weeks old. Cats and dogs are given boosters throughout their lives according to a specific vaccination schedule. Cats and dogs are never too old to start a vaccine program.

Get Your Pet Vaccinated at Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care

If you have questions about the benefits of vaccinations for your pet and live in or around Amissville or Warrenton, bring your furry friend in for a visit with one of our veterinarians at Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care. Call our team today at 540-428-1000 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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