Are cicadas harmful to my pet?

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Are cicadas harmful to my pet?

Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, these critters are considered exotic delicacies by our pets.  But are they harmful?  

The “official doctor answer” is that the rough exoskeleton of the adult cicada can cause some mild gastrointestinal irritation if too many are eaten too quickly.  Also, ingestion of any unusual meal may lead to some loose stool or belly upset in sensitive pets. 

 That being said, these bugs have all the tag lines of today's boutique-brand dog treats: all natural, free range, grain-free, novel protein, etc.  If they sold a bag at a pet store, you’d probably pay about ten dollars per pound.  Maybe we should all save our money and just gather up some cicadas!  In my opinion, a dog eating a bug is less disturbing than chewing on a cow hoof, pig ears, or “Bully Stick” (if you don’t know about that one, it’s probably best you don’t ask).

In fact, why not join your pets in enjoying a uniquely textured seasonal dish?  A quick Google search will reveal scores of tasty recipes for snacks, meals, and even cocktails.  Hopefully, they aren’t as delectable as our pets make them seem.  After all, they only come around every seventeen years.

Disclaimer:  People or pets with shellfish allergies should avoid eating cicadas.  Seriously.

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