How Often Should Your Pet Have its Teeth Cleaned?

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How Often Should Your Pet Have its Teeth Cleaned?

Periodontal disease does not just cause pain and tooth loss, but it can also hurt a pet’s heart, liver, and kidneys. Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care in Warrenton and Amissville, VA looks at pet dental care. In an ideal world, you should brush all of your pet’s teeth once every day. This would ensure that all of the plaque that causes periodontal disease is eliminated. Ask your veterinarian to show you how to brush your pet’s teeth.

In the Real World

The absolute minimum that a pet’s teeth need to be brushed is twice a week. Some pet owners can brush part of their pet’s teeth nearly every day, but some pets will simply not tolerate this. Our veterinarian will instruct you in techniques and other measures you can take at home to improve your pet’s dental health.

Wellness Exams

When your pet gets his or her annual wellness exam, your veterinarian will check the teeth. This does not mean that you get out of cleaning your pet’s teeth. The exam sees if professional teeth cleaning or extraction is needed.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

To immediately tackle tooth and gum problems, your pet’s best bet is to undergo a professional cleaning. This needs to be done under general anesthesia. Your pet will be given an exam and may need to take tests to be sure that he or she will be safe under anesthesia. For pets prone to bad teeth, such as many breeds of small dogs, professional cleanings should be conducted once per year.


Never give human toothpaste to dogs or cats. This will make them very sick. Only use toothpaste meant for dogs or cats. If you are not sure which toothpaste, toothbrush, wipe, gauze, or other pet dental tools to use, contact our veterinarian.

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